So here you are... Finally ready to open up the coffee shop of your dreams, when it happens. You bring the health inspector in to take a look at your establishment, and she says sorry that two compartment sink won't work.  You explain to her it has to work, after all, you have a grand opening next week.  You have passed out flyers, invited friends and family, and posted the grand opening on twitter and facebook.  What now?

As a restaurant equipment owner, I can't tell you how many times I took those phone calls.  The customer on the other end of the phone with me is nearly in tears or incredibly angry when they have to have this sink overnighted to them at the cost of the sink its self.There are other times where the customer had the foresight to put one in only to find out that it wasn't big enough the wrong kind.

So what is the answer?  Why do I even need a three compartment sink, what size does it need to be and what does it need to be made out of?  Also, are there other factors to consider?  After working with clients for several years the first thing I would suggest is to involve your state health department.  Kansas, for instance, has a plan review that you can download and send to them.  Just plotting this out, in the beginning, will save you headaches later on.  Also, many states like Texas have a printable food establishment rules document that you can search and print out, that will be far more exhaustive than this article. Most of the time you will find them much easier to get along with than you would think.  They just want to make sure the public is safe in most cases.

Your city, county, and state have their own health codes, so you will need to check in with each to make sure that you are in compliance with each. I find checking in with the local city inspector is a good start.  He can probably tell you who you need to talk to on the county level.  Next, and most importantly, you will need to connect with the state health inspector that is in charge of servicing the restaurant industry, which is usually the department of agriculture  Some states and counties are extremely picky, so get ready to put your hard hat on.Most clients 

Most clients I have worked with will give some pretty consistent answers on what is required for a three compartment sink. Before I go into those general requirements lets by starting to explain why there is a need for three basins for a restaurant sink.  When manually washing restaurant equipment and utensils there needs to be a bin for washing, rinsing and sanitizing equipment and utensils. Article to be Continued, in the meantime you can contact for products and information on three compartment sinks.